Employer Services

Job1USA announced the development of its Veterans Division in January of 2013. Bruce Rumpf, CEO of Job1USA, is a Vietnam Era veteran of the US Army Reserves. It is his belief that hiring veterans is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. In this thought process Bruce has hired several key leaders in the Job1USA team that are veterans.  Stacie Moss, Vice President of Staffing at Job1USA, is a Persian Gulf Era US Army veteran and Daniel Stanton, Veterans Service Manager for Job1USA, is a Persian Gulf and Post 9/11 Era Marine Corps Veteran.

The Job1USA Veterans Division mission is directly supported by the entire Job1USA team. Job1USA has developed an internal training program to allow a streamlined process for getting veterans to work.

  • We identify the military MOS skills sets that best fit the needs of employers.
  • We learn the Culture of the workplace to ensure good fit for the veteran in your workplace.
  • We coach and support the veteran through the hiring process, and after hired to ensure the success of the veteran in your workplace.

Our team effort together with our outreach to community leaders, economic development leaders, military units, and local businesses allow us to facilitate communication between veterans and employers.

The Job1USA Veterans Division is available to provide trainings and seminars about the benefits of hiring veterans. We cover topics from MOS translation to tax credits available for hiring veterans. The Veterans Division will provide training both in person and remotely, which ever works best for your company.

The Job1USA Stand Too Program is a program designed to train and temporarily fill positions left vacant by deploying service men and women. These employees will ensure that the business needs of a company are met while the service member is fulfilling the promise of service to our country. Businesses have no obligation to retain the replacement employee, although if they would like to hire that employee upon completion of the deployment there is nothing preventing them from doing so. The objective of Stand Too is to give both the employee and the employer peace of mind during military deployments.

Please feel free to Contact the Job1USA Veterans Division with any questions.

Daniel Stanton,  Veterans Program Manager, dstanton@Job1usa.com, (419) 315-1997