Job1Veterans Career Transition Solutions

The Job1USA Veterans Division has initiated a new program to meet the needs of both Employers seeking to hire Veterans and Veterans seeking employment. The Job1Veterans Career Transition Solutions Program was developed to allow both employer and veteran the opportunity to explore fit, ability and culture.

How the Program Works

The Career Transition Solutions program places a veteran in a position with an employer while the veteran stays on Job1USA’s payroll. Each employer may design a program that works for them, with the assistance of the Job1Veteran Team. Unlike contingent labor, the Career Transition Solutions program has a defined expectation set which both the employer and veteran agree upon. This front side agreement puts all the information on the table before either the employer or veteran make any substantial commitment to each other.

The Veteran receives career coaching and mentoring from Job1USA’s Veterans Division. The Veteran benefits from having time to look at the employer’s culture and operations to ensure a good fit for skill and ability set, while being paid for the position being filled. Job1USA works with other agencies to ensure the veteran is ready to go to work with little or no barriers to employment

The employer benefits financially by having the time to assess the knowledge, skills and ability of the veteran to ensure the veteran has been placed in the best position for the company’s needs. With Job1USA working to remove barriers to employment, the employer is assured the veteran will be thinking about work.

The Career Transition Solutions program enables the employer and Veteran to have a mutually beneficial relationship from the very first day, with the goals of the company and the veteran weighing equally.


This program is not a non-profit. Job1USA does provide this service at a reduced cost to the employer with completely transparent pricing. The employer can account for every cent of cost before making a final decision. Job1USA never charges a veteran for any of the services they receive, those costs are rolled into the pricing.

Job1USA will also assist employers with the process to obtain the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit, WOTC, for qualifying veterans. These credits start at 50% of the annual wage, up to a maximum of $9600.


For more information about the Job1Veterans Career Transition Solutions program, please contact the Job1USA Veterans Division.