Veteran Services

Job1USA will provide services to qualified veterans and those with veterans’ affiliations for employment services. The employment services provide:

  • Resume Services
    • The Development of a resume
    • The Interpretation of military skill sets
    • One electronic copy of the resume (via email)
    • One hard copy of the resume (on standard paper)
  • Interview Training
    • How to Dress for the interview
    • De-militarization for the interview
    • How to Translate military job skills to the civilian market place
  • Mock Interviews
    • One on One interview to prepare the candidate for the real thing.
  • Job Coaching
    • Each veteran will receive coaching tips as they proceed through the transition process.
  • Employment
    • When a veteran is qualified, they may be offered employment with Job1USA, a Job1USA affiliate, or a Job1USA Client.
  • Mentorship
    • Job1USA will seek volunteers to provide mentoring to transitioning service members. The emphasis being for new veterans who have transitioned in the last 6 months. Veteran and non-veteran volunteers will be matched with veterans to provide guidance as needed by the veteran.

Additional training for the veteran includes group trainings. These trainings will allow the veteran to connect with other veterans and to learn the full particulars of the current job market.

The scope of services provided by the program will be limited to employment services. Job1USA will not provide direct or indirect support in the following classifications:

  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Psychological
  • Housing
  • Homeless Services

While Job1USA can provide guidance to a veteran on where to obtain the listed services, Job1USA at no time accepts responsibility for any services provided by any other service agency or group outside of Job1USA.

The services provided will be rendered at no cost to the veteran. The veteran is under no obligation to seek or accept employment with Job1USA, Job1USA’s affiliates, or Job1USA’s clients. The veteran will not accept positions with any Job1USA affiliate or client without the permission of Job1USA.